Security Specialists:  
We sell, install and support Avast
Antivirus Protection
Quickbooks Specialists:   
We sell, install, and support
Mircosoft Windows Specialists:
We sell, install, and support Windows
10 and Server Operating Systems
Windows 10 Installed and Supported
Microsoft Office Specialists:
We sell, install, and support
Microsoft Office Software
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101 County Road 273
Florence, Alabama 35633
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Free Estimates:
Call for an estimate or
Bring computer in  for a free estimate.
Some estimates require leaving the computer
for 24 hours so we can run diagnostics.

No Bench Fee:
We do not charge a bench fee for an estimate.
Once we determine the cost of repairing
your computer you get decide whether
or not to repair it.  If you decide not to
repair you do not owe us anything.

Typical Charges:
Virus scan and cleanup---$69
System Restore or refresh--$90 (includes saving data)
Replace hard drive with a solid state drive--$150
Remote Support--$40 per hour