Security Specialists:  
We sell, install and support Avast
Antivirus Protection
Quickbooks Specialists:   
We sell, install, and support
Mircosoft Windows Specialists:
We sell, install, and support Windows
10 and Server Operating Systems
Windows 10 Installed and Supported
Microsoft Office Specialists:
We sell, install, and support
Microsoft Office Software
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101 County Road 273
Florence, Alabama 35633
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What is Remote Support:
  1. Permits us to solve computer problems remotely.
  2. Employs screen sharing or taking control remotely.  
  3. Used in conjunction with phone support.
  4. Enables us to diagnoses and provide a solution quickly.
  5. Takes place over the Internet.
  6. Does not involve a trip to your home or office.
Benefits of Remote Support:
  1. Rates are cheaper than in person.
  2. Can be done after regular hours.
  3. Good solution where up time is critical.   
  4. Allows us to deal a problem immediately.
  5. Less intrusive.
  6. Keeps everyone safer during Covid.