Security Specialists:  
We sell, install and support Avast
Antivirus Protection
Quickbooks Specialists:   
We sell, install, and support
Mircosoft Windows Specialists:
We sell, install, and support Windows
10 and Server Operating Systems
Windows 10 Installed and Supported
Microsoft Office Specialists:
We sell, install, and support
Microsoft Office Software
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Working From Home:
Many of our customers  are
working remotely from home.
Here are some suggestions on
setting up yourcomputer
with what you need.
Tips For Working From Home
Create a Dedicated Work Area
Prevent Distraction
Schedule Meaningful Breaks  
Dress for Success
Good laptop or
desktop computer
Suggest Intel i5 8th Gen CPU, 500 GB Solid
State Drive, 8 GB of Memory and
Windows 10.
A Desktop is best.  If you intend
to use a laptop add a extra
wireless keyboard, mouse,
and maybe a monitor.
Dual Monitors
Having two monitors is a plus.
Use one screen to run an
application and the other for
internet, email, or
other application.
Highspeed Internet Connection
Comcast and ATT are the best wifi
hotspot or weak home wifi.
External Webcam
Use the type that plug
into a usb port.
Headset With Built in Microphone
Two types of headsets
(1) For use on a phone
(2) For use on your computer
for video conferencing.
Printer and Scanner
Brother USA makes a black
and white all in one laser printer
for under $200.
Stick with a laser printer.
Wireless keybaord and Mouse
Wireless keyboard and mouse
will help you keep you desk less
cluttered.  Wireless mouse
is easier to use.
Battery Backup
A Battery Backup (UPS) will
prevent prevent loss of
unsaved work if there is power
outage.  It also protects your
operating system from
unplanned shut downs.
Software or Apps like Office 365,
Zoom, Google Drive
Office 365 Word, Excel, Outlook.  
Zoom and Skype for Video
Conferencing.  Google Drive for
storing and sharing files.